Speeding Ticket?

The most common instance where Notice is served is an NIP for speeding. There is an NIP time limit that applies of 14 days from the offence. However, how this is calculated will depend on how the notice is given. Don't wait until it's too late. Call Motor Defence Solicitors now, on 0800 2800 912, for a fixed fee consultation with a specialist solicitor.

Court Summons?

A summons, for offences such as speeding, careless driving, drink driving etc...is issued in the Magistrates' Court, although the case may then be transferred to the Crown Court.

Careless / Dangerous Driving

Your driving fell below that expected of a competent driver or driving a vehicle on a road or in any public place dangerously or in a dangerous condition

Drink Driving

Being in charge of a vehicle when unfit due to drink or drugs

Failure to provide

Where an individual deliberately withholds or provides misleading information

Speed Camera Devices

Systems used in the UK are generally type approved and require regular calibration. You are likely to come across the following types: Cameras, Laser, Radar, Stopwatch, Video. Some of the more common devices used include the Gatso, LTI2020, Vascar, Truevelo. For more detailed information on the individual devices, please click here

Penalty Points?

0 Points

You are in an ever shrinking group of drivers. Keep the first penalty points off your driving licence

3-6 Points

If you got your full driving licence less than 2 years ago you are on the verge of revocation and re-test. Insurance premiums start to rise.

9 Points

One more slip and your driving licence is gone. You could face a 6 month driving disqualification

12 Points

You are looking at a 6 month driving ban unless you come up with a convincing argument at Court.

Stopped by the Police?

The Police can stop you by the road if they suspect an offence has occured. You will usually be given a Fixed Penalty Notice (NIP), HORT1 Producer or depending on the offence, be arrested and taken to a Police Station. Typical offences within this scenario include:

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