Parking Tickets

While parking tickets are the most common form of motoring penalty in the UK, the level of fine and the system are set to avoid fights. The system could not cope if everybody were to challenge their ticket. There is, therefore, a financial disincentive to fighting a ticket or paying late, as this increases the amount due. The rules are also complicated, meaning that people are unlikely to be able to work out how to fight them on their own . However, the level of fine means seeking legal advice costs more than the fine itself.

A parking fine is technically known as either a Fixed Penalty or a Penalty Charge.  Parking tickets can be issued by either parking attendants or the police (traffic wardens), dependent on the policy of the local council where the offence arises.  If the local council issue the ticket then it is not regarded as a criminal matter and you have to deal with the council.  If the police issue the ticket it is a criminal matter and can involve the Magistrates' Court.

The system is self-fulfilling. Any decisions made on a challenge to the fine are generally decided within the system. Both this and the rapid increase in punishment if you dare to question the fine are arguably in breach of human rights.

We cannot change the system: there are plenty of pressure groups out there to do that. Our ethos is to help our clients as much as we can within the system as it stands.  We are therefore in the process of providing free information to try and help our clients deal with these issues. Please bear with us while we are putting this information together.

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