Client Testimonials

Here are some of the more recent of the MANY, MANY testimonials that we have received after we have acted on behalf of our clients. Throughout out England and Wales motorists keep saying we are doing a great job keeping their licence clean and them in control of their vehicle. We really do hope that you do not need the services of any solicitor, but if you do then here are several great reasons why you should give Motor Defence Solicitors a call on 0800 2800 912.

Friendly + Professional + Realistic. I'm more than happy. GP

"Excellent. I got a very good result"

"Excellent - resulted in notice of intention to prosecute being withdrawn" JG

"Very accurate & detailed" JD

"Very good" SW

"Excellent, very helpful. Thank you for your help & advice. I will be using this firm again if the need arises." MA

"Excellent" JM

"Thorough, efficient, well-informed and carefully targetted to individual requirements." MC

"[Dealt with] professionally and caringly" CT

"Very good and helpful. Very professional."

"Professional & Concise"

"Fantastic, Service was truly excellent"

"No problems, No complaints, No Regrets" DC

"Very well. The barrister was excellent." RS

"I found the advice to be sound as I had the fine reduced from over £800 to £300 - Result!" NH

"Very Good. The advice was clear & concise with supporting written documentation providing detail if required" JB

"Very good. Happy with the service" AH

"Excellent service, dealt with professionally" RV

"Very professional & first rate, communication & availability excellent. From the moment I met with John Lloyd-Richards I had the utmost confidence I had engaged the best solicitor possible" MB

"Clarified lots of points & gave me the confidence to defend myself. I won and the case was dropped!" CM

"Very informative" WC

"Service provided was very good. Dealt with very efficiently" FM

"First class" LD

"Very Good" KD

"Excellent" JP

"Great & Awesome. I thank God that my case got withdrawn by the prosecutor. Have already introduced your services to a couple of friends" KB

"Prompt, efficient, responsive, sensible advice about effects of reviewing evidence and possible not guilty plea at first hearing" IC

"Straight to the point, readily understood." TR

"This could have had big implications for me, but John Lloyd-Richards was very professional and re-assuring - and got the right result!" NS

"Excellent & informative. Professionally dealt with" EC

"Really impressed with Andrew in all aspects from help and advice to overall professional manner" DI

"Barrister handled the case extremely well" SP

"Very efficient and helpful. Overall very pleased" NK

"As we have now successfully concluded the above issue, I should just like to thank you and the team for your support and advice during the proceedings.

I found that I was always treated with the utmost courtesy and efficiency. All advice was delivered not only in a concise, accurate and professional manner, but with good humour where appropriate.

I found this to be most reassuring at, what was for me, a traumatic and troubled time. To know that someone was "fighting my corner" helped enormously.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your practice to anyone seeking good, clear and supportive advice for any legal motoring representation."


"Very good" AS

"Telephone consultation thorough; without the advice I would have paid fine and taken the points (and therefore been banned). As it happened nothing materialised! Excellent advice and very confident manner. Would recommend" SB

"Very good. Was dealt with in a courteous, professional and helpful manner"

"I feel the case was handled exceptionally well and well presented in court" BB

"Excellent advice" AL

"Excellent, prompt, efficient and thorough. Very good." NA

"Quick, efficient and very professional throughout. I was very pleased with the way everything was dealt with and the end result was much better than I expected" CB

"Good service - would use again if needed" KJ

"Professional, efficient, thorough, polite - Excellent. I was given honest, clear advice and provided with a very good barrister. I could not have asked for more. Andrew Prendergast is a credit to the legal profession" JF

"We can say that we have been more than satisfied with the service you have provided and would have no hesitation recommending you to others or asking for your help again (which we hope will not be necessary). We would also add that the staff in your office have always been courteous and efficient when dealing with our enquiries." JF

"I had unusual mitigating circumstances which were communicated very well - exactly why I appointed you" AJ

"There is no comparison. I can't fault your service. It couldn't have been dealt with in any better way" MK

"Very professional and friendly" AR

"Very efficient" TH

"A very good service from beginning to end" SH

"Excellent your the best! My case was dealt with by a team of professionals, we won the case against me, a big pat on the back to everybody. Thank you!" JW

"I believe I received authoritative advice which I acted upon" SM

"Very professional" RH

"Excellent, John has restored my faith in solicitors. My case was dealt with very well - I was given advise and walked through each and every stage." JS

"Very efficient. The service I received was excellent. Both my solicitor and barrister were very professional" JK

"Excellent. Good advice that worked in court" IS

"Very clear advice, felt well looked after. Very efficient and professional" LS

"Excellent, efficient service. Philip Worrall was good in court and presented my case very well" TP

"Very professional" SW

"Dealt with very well and a pleasing end result" DR

"Took some of the worry away with prompt, informative and helpful service" AM

"Excellent service, very professional organisation. I would have no reason to suggest changes. The case was dealt with in a very professional manner." DS

"Upfront, very clear + professional. Great service." AD

"Very efficient + thorough with good advice + outcome" CS

"First class" DH

"Very efficient service" AH

"Excellent service" ND

"Many thanks Andrew for the advice given" JA

"Effective and professional throughout. Barrister offered very good support and didn't miss a trick!" DM

"Very good, very professional" PP Reading

"I felt I had total confidence in how you dealt with this case" RC Derbyshire

"efficient, accessible and prompt" GG London

"Many thanks to you and your team. You achieved exactly what you said you could. I can't ask more than that" MF London

"very helpful" IC Brighton

"Good advice, would recommend in the future" IB Essex

"Excellent - I'm over the moon! Brilliant! A very special thank you. Will recommend to my friends! Thanks to JLR and thanks again MDT" RB Staffs

"Efficient, professional service, very helpful and reassuring. Dealt with efficiently and with upmost ability" NH Glos

"My case was dealt with supportively and professionally" II Manchester

"Excellent professional. It was very reassuring to have professional advice at a stressful time and well worth the expense - an unexpected added bonus was that our fee was reclaimed and we received full reimbursement" JL London

"Service to a high standard! JLR was supportive and professional throughout!" JB Essex

"very impressed, very professional & caring service" TL Bristol

"first class" NC West Sussex

"Prompt & clear, efficiently, calmly & informative" PA Surrey

"efficient, professional" BH London

"Friendly, easy to use and helpful. Effectively and efficiently with a touch of friendly reassurance" RB Dorset

"Excellent support and advice and very good briefing to barrister" PW Beds

"Informative + useful + knowledgeable. Efficiently, personally and offered swift peace of mind and answers to the situation" AC

"Very good & helpful. A great deal better than my previous solicitors. Holly and John did a very good job of keeping me up-to-date & getting a good result" JN Kent

"It was a very good service. I thought my case was dealt with very good" MD West Midlands

"Professional. I got all advice & options explained clearly and concisely" ZD London

"Very good" SC Norwich

"V Good" MT West Yorks

"Very Good" AN Suffolk

"Excellent, professional, reliable, reassuring, non-patronising and competent" JB Hertfordshire

"From start to finish everything was handled by MDS. I had very little involvement, a fantastic conclusion to a bad experience" AM Hertfordshire

"The advise was prompt and sound. The team showed great patience with my tardiness. Very pleased with the service." AN Southampton

"Excellent and value for money. Your advice was spot on. Thank You" DW Derby

"I was impressed with your service. I previously spoke to Fisher Meredith who were not very useful" PVR London

"Easy to deal with and patient with me as I was very concerned. The process was clearly explained to me" RD Telford

"Wish I had known about you earlier. Good, efficient. Much better than my previous solicitor" DC Surrey

"A quick note to thank you for all the help you gave James and myself during the recent court case. Without your advice we would have given up. I wish you all the best for the future" JM Kent

"Excellent, I would like to say a big thank you" DM Hertfordshire

"It was reassuring to be in the hands of evident experience and professionalism" KB London

"Advice was concise, unintimidating and covered every eventuality and likely outcomes. I will love you forever" FH Kent

"Quickly, efficiently and to the point" JP Kent

"Service Superb" DF Scotland

"Pragmatic and Informative" AE Warwickshire

"Very pleased, prompt and infomative" NT Warwickshire

"Very friendly and professional. My lawyer did her very best in court to put my case across. She could not have done or said anything more." KH Middlesbrough

"My case was dealt with professionally and responsibly" WP Wiltshire

"Excellent service, very good" RT Hampshire

Warren Pole - Men and Motors

Warren Pole
"Without Motor Defence Solicitors I would probably have been unemployed years ago because without their ace legal assistance my licence would no doubt have been torn up by the forces of law and order, leaving me no option but to leave the happy world of bike journalism and go back to selling timeshare holidays. I have honestly lost count of the number of times Andrew and his team of consummate professionals have saved me from the impending jaws of doom in court rooms around the country and really can't speak highly enough of the service they offer. While they can't work miracles they can, in my experience, always be relied upon to find the best possible outcome of any situation you may land yourself in. This is why I recommend them to all my mates and colleagues when they end up in bother. I have had their number in my mobile phone for the last seven years. I'm scribbling this little recommendation now. These guys are good, and if your licence is in trouble, they're the good guys you want on your side."

"My case was dealt with thoroughly and efficiently. I was always kept up-to-date on progress and everything was explained clearly. The result was all I hoped for. Thank You" RM Bristol

"Excellent work from my lawyer" JB East Yorkshire

"Very good, meticulous. Dealt with very well." PF Northumberland

"Painless, took the worry away. Excellent" MS Bedfordshire

"I would recommend your service to anyone that finds themselves in this situation through no fault of their own" JM Isle of Wight

"Without the help of MDS my wife and I would have felt very exposed and alone. Your representation gave us the strength to continue." RT Bolton

"From the beginning I was put at ease, told what you could and could not do and updated exactly when you said I would be contacted. More importantly, I was given the option of continuing and I chose not to go to court. More than satisfied." CD Oxford

"Very good, efficient and effective" RH Oxford

"My case was dealt with in a most efficient way and each step was clearly explained to me with regular communication. An extremely satisfactory conclusion was achieved - many thanks" CR Bristol

"Very good, efficient and professional" NB Worcester

"Professional attitude and regard for justice. I have already recommended your services" NR Matlock

"Very thorough, helpful and efficient!" PA Macclesfield

"Can recommend you - FIRST CLASS" AC Stourbridge

"Thank you so much for the help of MDS. Words are not enough to express how grateful I am. I was so stressed, I couldn't believe the outcome. Thank God for MDS, I'm in good hands" GS Slough

"I hope I shall not need to call on you again but it's comforting to know you're there and I shall certainly recommend you to anyone who gets into a similar predicament" AM

"I was pleased that my questions were answered fairly and clear, which helped in my decision process" AH

"I just want to write and say how grateful I am for all the work you and your team put into my recent case. I am very relieved that I have avoided a driving ban, but without you understanding precisely what we had to do and how to go about it, I am afraid that would not have been the case. My barrister was insightful and prepared and all in all it was money very well spent!! Thanks a million" GS

"As you're probably aware we achieved the desired result in court yesterday. I just wanted to express my thanks to MDS for the support and professional advice over the past 10 months. I was looking at a 6 month ban with the loss of my job, through contesting and questioning the evidence we achieved a great result." HR

"I had no complaints at all, the barrister who attended court with me, was very nice and put me at my ease." RC

"It was most helpful to me that MDS updated my Mother regarding my case. My job makes it difficult to take personal phone calls." GL

"Excellent and reassuring" AS

"When I was on 9 points , I knew things were getting desperate when I got another Notice of Intended Prosecution through the post. I contacted Motor Defence Solicitors and within 3 weeks all charges were dropped. They were the best value for money I have ever had out of any solicitors" MC

" My career... was in jeopardy... I was wrongly accused of three motoring offences which, had I been convicted, would have meant facing a lengthy driving ban. Motor Defence Solicitors took on the case and quickly had all the charges against me dropped. Not only that, MDS took care of all the legal costs leaving with me nothing to pay. Fantastic defence matched to even better service - what more could you ask for?" RH

" Outstanding service. At least 10 times better than my previous solicitors. Overall excellent and I am very satisfied by the end result" BS

"Thank you for keeping me on the road and saving me from bankruptcy" JB

"After my first 3 points I received another Notice of Intended Prosecution less than 3 weeks later. I decided it was time to fight back and I got in touch with MDS. The "Safety Camera Partnership" kept threatening me with prosecution but after a stubborn defence by MDS the ticket was quietly dropped, and I got the satisfaction of knowing I was not another statistic. I am so glad MDS held their nerve and were quietly reassuring throughout. Cannot fault the service" AD

"My case was dealt with swiftly, professionally and overall very well. I am very satisfied with the end result" RH motor journalist

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