Motorcycle off-road manoeuvre test is safer and cheaper

The Motorcycle Test Review was commissioned to look at the feasibility of moving the off-road manoeuvres part of the test onto the road and has concluded that this would increase injuries and costs.

Stephen Hammond said:

“Motorcyclists are disproportionately represented in casualty statistics – they make up just 1% of road users but 19% of all road accidents – so it is especially important that new riders coming onto the roads have the right training behind them so they can ride safely and confidently.

“The Motorcycle Test Review explored whether the whole of the practical motorcycle test could be carried out on the road without jeopardising rider safety or test standards and without increasing costs. The research clearly shows that such a move would increase incidents and cost more money.

“However the DSA has taken action to make it easier for those wanting to get their motorcycle licence to book a test and find a convenient test centre.”

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