2.5 miles of signage removed from London

No, not another metal theft, but local Councils taking the lead in reducing street clutter from excessive signage

The Secretary of State calls for local authorities to continue the cull of unnecessary signage after London removed 8,000 repeater signs and 4,000 poles which were installed during the 90’s and if laid side-by-side would stretch for 2.5 miles. Other counties have done the same, Hampshire has removed 200 signs along the A32 and Somerset has removed 1,000 signs.

Other local authorities are being encouraged to follow and backed up with a new document titled, “Reducing sign clutter”, which provides guidance on what signs should be considered for removal and how best to install new signage.


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One Response to “2.5 miles of signage removed from London”

  1. Ken Lines says:

    At last someone appears to have seen the light – or have they read about the trials in Holland where removal of road signs and road markings resulted in a significant reduction in traffic incidents.

    The real question is, however, if all these signs can be happily (and safely) removed why the hell were they installed in the first place, ignorance or just plain incompetence? The proliferation of traffic signs is on a par with traffic cones, especially on major routes. Miles and miles of cones with, maybe, one or two workers occasionally visible, usually standing around talking.

    Ken Lines.

    Ken Lines.

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