Court hearings for offences down

Ministry of Justice statistics show a decrease in the number of road traffic offences which went to court

In 2011 888,000 offences were heard at a magistrate’s court compared to 1 million in 2010, a decrease of 12.6%. Similarly the number of people facing prosecution in a Magistrates Court also fell 10%.

Motorists caught speeding by a camera also fell 10% between 2010 (70,681) and 2011 (63,230). The IAM suggests that the financial recession and increase in offers for speed awareness courses could have contributed to the drop. The number of motorists facing prosecution for the more serious offences such as death by dangerous driving has decreased by nearly 29%.

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One Response to “Court hearings for offences down”

  1. Richard Taylor says:

    Well done IAM for ignoring the “bleeding obvious”. Of course prosecutions will fall if there are far fewer traffic police out there to detect the non-lethal offences such as careless and dangerous driving, mobile phone use, etc!