Mobile phone addiction at the wheel

Nearly half of all drivers regularly talk on the mobile phone whilst driving

According to a survey by Brake road safety charity, 48% of motorists talk whilst driving, out of these two thirds do this by using a hand-held phone, which is illegal and can result in a £60 fine and 3 penalty points, or depending on the scenario dangerous or careless driving.

Driving whilst using a phone increases reaction times by half a second making the chances of being involved in an accident four times higher than normal.

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2 Responses to “Mobile phone addiction at the wheel”

  1. Clive Cooper says:

    Why not make the penalty £1000 and 6 points? How about using some of the traffic camers to catch drivers on their phones? I am fed up with constantly avoiding these idiots.

  2. Jan says:

    Even worse (if that’s possible) are the ‘face forwards, eyes down’ crew, using their smart phones (or ipads) on their laps:-( If you honk your horn or try to attract their attention in some way, they don’t even notice.