Young male drivers overconfident

IAM research reveals that nearly two thirds of young male drivers think they are more skilled than the average driver

The research uses DfT statistics from 2010 on road accident causalities. 30% of car occupant fatalities are in the 17-24 age range but this age group makes up only 8% of all licence holders.

The IAM suggest that curfews and licence restrictions for newly qualified drivers should be introduced to allow them to gain the necessary experience.

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One Response to “Young male drivers overconfident”

  1. Philip Jones says:

    It is about time the goverment did something about boy racers as they think they are better than every one else.Even the deformed ones who dont use seat belts need reschooling,but they probably would not listen as their mobiles are stuck to their faces.They need to learn respect first & just how speed increases their weight,because when ive ever told one off I only see & hear the bleating noise.
    Also they have never been told the dangers of high speed in the wet,this also applies to 98% of driver/riders.But all is not lost its about time they learned all this off road like the police do.