Traffic light madness

A fully functioning roundabout in Portsmouth which was replaced with traffic lights mocked on Radio

The roundabout which linked the A27 with the M275 and M27 was replaced with a reported 72 traffic lights, later confirmed by Portsmouth City Council to be 71 sets of lights. Chris Evans and his breakfast team were discussing the increase in traffic lights over recent years when a listener texted in about the junction. Whether this figure includes street lighting is unclear.

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2 Responses to “Traffic light madness”

  1. Ken Lines says:

    Someone on Portsmouth City Council obviously has more money than brains at his disposal.

    Ken Lines.

  2. Dean says:

    I’ve seen so many roundabout now with lights on them. Not at the entrance to the roundabout but actually on them. Being a motorcyclist I think these are highly dangerous. One roundabout in milton keynes has two lanes, but the lane on the right is for straight on and right. But a traffic light stops you from turning right while your on the roundabout, often putting you out in the middle of nowhere as cars come speeding passed your tail. It’s not a big roundabout and there are often cars bloking this right lane due to the lights