Car drivers always at fault

Cycling pressure groups are calling for changes to civil law to make the driver ‘always liable’ in the event of an accident with a cyclist

The proposals were made by Cycling England; a department funded by the DfT, and is based on law that is already in use in Europe, where the driver of the most powerful vehicle involved in an accident is at fault. This also means that if a cyclist hit a pedestrian, then the cyclist is automatically liable. The proposals would be there to encourage motorists to use cycling rather than the car on their way to work.

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2 Responses to “Car drivers always at fault”

  1. Tim Howarth says:

    I am a keen cyclist and ride to work most days of the week. This sounds like a very bad idea just to impose a blanket law which will be open to abuse.
    I regular see other cyclist with no lights, dark clothes, wrong way up a one way street etc, and would be very angry if on a day that I did use my car, someone like this rode up into my car then started to try and claim a payout of my insurance.

    I appreciate that many car drivers are at fault and I am cut up on a regular basis by bad drivers, but more than likely this lot have no insurance and would not stop after knocking me over. Especially with a law making them automatically liable.

    Please can we have more traffic police at peek traffic times, but instead of focusing on speed and fines can they focus on bad driving like tail gating, blocking junctions/roundabouts, general aggressive behaviour.

  2. Arty says:

    If that’s going to be the law, then we may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. Don’t just injure them, kill the b******s! 😉