Using a Mobile Phone whilst Driving

To drive whilst using a mobile phone that doesn’t have hands free operation is an offence

The only allowed use of a mobile phone whilst driving is when the device has hands free operation. If you are caught using a phone that does not have hands free, the offence fixed penalty is £60 and 3 penalty points. If it goes to court the fine can rise to as much as £1000. In cases where your driving was considered to be bad, you may even be prosecuted for careless or dangerous driving, which attract much higher penalties. If someone dies in an accident where it was found that someone was calling or texting whilst driving a prison sentence, up to 7 years for phoning or longer for texting, can be expected.

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One Response to “Using a Mobile Phone whilst Driving”

  1. terry wood says:

    How long do the police have to notify you of intended prosecution if you are caught using yopur mobile phone whilst driving, and they did not issue a ticket at the scene?