Uninsured vehicle offence

Measures to make it an offence to keep an uninsured vehicle have been approved by the Road Safety Minister

It will soon be an offence to keep a car uninsured, whether it is used on the road or not. The new system will be a joint partnership between the DVLA and the insurance industry and will involve sending motorist’s letters informing them that their vehicle is uninsured and giving them a period of time in which to get it insured. If the owner of the vehicle fails to insure it a £100 fine will be given and if after the fine it is still uninsured the vehicle may be destroyed.

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3 Responses to “Uninsured vehicle offence”

  1. Ken Lines says:

    This strikes me as being yet another example of this governments inabilty to do ‘joined up’ thinking. As a point of interest you refer to ‘It will soon be an offence to keep a car uninsured ……..’ I believe it will be an offence to keep an uninsured vehicle, rather than a car.

    The financial effect this ruling is going to have on those who collect vehicles, restore them and only insure/tax them when they wish to use them on the road, could mean that many fine cars and bikes are going to be sold/scrapped as the financial cost of keeping them all insured would be unsustainable. This is, in my opinion, a completely worthless piece of legislation. I might be accused of being cynical but how much extra revenue, in the form of business tax liabilities, will this bring in for the current incompetent government who will descend to any level to fund their ridiculous social engineering schemes.

    Ken Lines.

  2. Mike Tilston says:

    Absolutely riduculous and just another money spinning goverment scam, my son has two cars, one mint ‘show car’ and a daily user, he insures the show car for 6 months in the summer and the daily user for 6 months in the winter, so now it’s going to cost him twice as much

  3. John Broad says:

    It’s no good moaning on this site, even if your comments are of interest.
    You must write to your MP and get as many of your friends to do the same before this is passed into law!
    When I say write, I mean do not use email. They have to open all the letters and deal with them, so the more you can get sent in the more of a problem you will create!
    Send emails and they will electronically register them and collate the data. This is one case where electronic mail is not the way.
    Make sure you send a copy to the “Road Safety” (?) Minister as well.
    Another sledgehammer to crack a nut!